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March 14, 2024

Intermittent Scratch Access from Phoenix OnDemand File Browser

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Summary: Phoenix scratch storage may not be accessible from the OnDemand file browser. There is no impact to scratch access or performance from login nodes, running jobs (including those launched via OnDemand apps), or Globus. The Globus File Manager may serve as an alternative.

Details: Over the past several weeks, researchers and the PACE team have identified intermittent failure in ability to access their Phoenix scratch directory from the “Files” tab in Phoenix OnDemand. “Permission denied” or other error messages may display. The PACE team is working to repair reliable access. The issue has been isolated to the way the OnDemand web server accesses scratch storage and therefore does not have wider impact.

Researchers wishing to use a graphical web-based file browser to manage files in their Phoenix scratch directories are encouraged to use the File Manager in Globus, which has similar capabilities. It is not necessary to install the Globus Connect Personal client on a local computer if you only wish to manage files on Phoenix rather than transfer them. Visit KB0041890 for more information about using Globus. KB0042390 provides information about using the Globus File Manager.

Impact: The impact is only to the file browser in Phoenix OnDemand. There is no impact to accessing scratch for job launched via the “Interactive Apps” or “IDEs” in OnDemand, which run on compute nodes. Similarly, access to scratch from login nodes, jobs on compute nodes, and Globus is normal. There is no performance impact.

Thank you for your patience as we continue investigating this issue. Please contact us at with questions or concerns.

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