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PACE Firebird Login Node Outages

This entry was posted by on Wednesday, 27 April, 2022 at

[Update 4/27/22 5:45 PM]

The remaining headnode has been repaired, and service is restored. Thank you for your patience.

[Original Post 4/27/22 5:20 PM]

Summary: A storage server issue made headnodes for two projects on Firebird inaccessible. One has been recovered, while repairs are in progress on the second one.

Details: The storage server housing two Firebird projects had an NFS issue earlier today. The login nodes were impacted. The PACE team has repaired one project’s login node and is currently repairing the second that has a more complex issue.

Impact: Researchers on impacted projects are/were not able to log into Firebird today. Running jobs were not impacted, as only the login node is/was affected.

We apologize for the disruption. Please email us at with any questions.

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