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December 23, 2021

Improvements to job accounting and queue wait times on PACE clusters

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We would like to share two updates with you regarding improvements to job accounting and queue wait times on the Phoenix and Firebird clusters.
  • Due to an error, some users have seen the wrong account names listed in our pace-quota and pace-whoami utilities in recent months. We have corrected this, and all users can now use pace-quota to see available charge accounts and balances on Phoenix or Firebird. At the same time, a new improvement to our utility now makes balances visible for all accounts, including multi-PI or school-owned accounts that previously displayed a zero balance, so researchers can always check available balances. Read our documentation for more details about the charge accounts available to you and what they mean. The pace-quota command is available on Phoenix, Hive, Firebird, and ICE. It provides user-specific details:
    • your storage usage on that cluster
    • your charge account information for that cluster (Phoenix and Firebird only)
  • Additionally, in order to improve utilization of our clusters and reduce wait times, we have enabled spillover between node classes, allowing waiting jobs to run on underutilized, more capable nodes rather than those requested, requiring no user action, at no additional charge. Spillover on GPU nodes was enabled in September, while CPU nodes gained the capability last week, on both Phoenix and Firebird.
Please note that targeting a specific/more expensive node class to reduce wait time is no longer effective or necessary. Please request the resources required for your job. Your job will continue to be charged based on the rate for the resources it requests, even if it ends up being assigned to run on more expensive hardware.
As always, please contact us if you have any questions.

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