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December 17, 2021

Headnode Violation Detector Updates

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Running many or extended resource-intensive processes on the login nodes slows the node for all users and is a violation of PACE policy, as it prevents others from using the cluster. We would like to make you aware of recent improvements to our headnode violation detector.

PACE may stop processes that improperly occupy the headnode, in order to restore functionality for all members of our user community. Please use compute nodes for all computational work. If you need an interactive environment, please submit anĀ interactive job. If you are uncertain about how to use the scheduler to work on compute nodes, please contact us for assistance. We are happy to help you with your workflows on the cluster.

If you run processes that overuse the headnode, we will send an email asking you to refrain from doing so. We have recently updated our violation detector to ensure that emails are sent to the proper user and to adjust the logic of the script to align it with policy.

Thank you for your efforts to ensure PACE clusters are an available resource for all.

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