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Georgia Power Micro Grid Testing (Week of June 8)

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[Update 6/15/20 12:45 PM]

Georgia Power will continue low-risk testing of the power supply to PACE’s Hive and testflight-coda clusters in the Coda data center this week.

In addition, Georgia Power is planning further testing in CODA for a later time, and we are working with them and other stakeholders to identify the best times and lowest-risk manner for completing this work in Coda.

[Update 6/12/20 6:45 PM]

Georgia Power will continue low-risk testing of the power supply to the Coda data center next week.

[Original Post]

During the week of June 8, Georgia Power will perform a series of bypass tests for the power that feeds the Coda data center, housing PACE’s Hive and testflight-coda clusters. This is a further step in establishing a Micro Grid power generation facility for Coda, after progress during the last maintenance period.
Georgia Power has classified all of these tests as low risk, and we do not expect any disruption to PACE compute resources. PACE’s storage and head nodes have UPS and generator backup power, but compute nodes do not. In the event of an unexpected complication during testing, compute nodes could lose power for a brief period, disrupting running jobs. Georgia Power, DataBank, OIT’s network team, and PACE will all have staff on standby during these tests to ensure a quick repair in the event of an unexpected outage.
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