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April 14, 2020

[RESOLVED] Rich data center storage problems (/user/local)– Paused Jobs

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Dear PACE Users,

At this time, the issues experienced earlier have been resolved, and all schedulers have been restored to functionality. The problems addressed over the course of this fix include

  • A manual swap to the backup InfiniBand Subnet Manager to correct for a partial failure. This issue caused trouble with the GPFS storage volumes, most notably scratch due to its high activity.
  • TruNAS hpctn1 lost access to drives due to a jostled SAS cable on a drive replaced as part of a CAB “standard change”, of which we were not informed. The cable was reseated to restore connectivity.
  • Additionally, there was a missing license file on unit 1a of TruNAS hpctn1; the license file was updated accordingly.
  • Failed mounts on compute nodes were cleaned up after the aforementioned storage volumes were brought back online.

Please be advised that due to failed storage access, jobs running for the duration of this outage may have failed. Please inspect the results of jobs completed recently to ensure correctness; if an unexplained failure occurred (e.g. the job was terminated for a wallclock violation when previous iterations ran without issue),  please resubmit the job. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

Thank you.

[Original Message]

In addition to this morning’s ongoing project/data and scratch storage problems, our fileserver that serves the shared “/usr/local” on all PACE machines located in Rich Data Center started experiencing problems. This issue causes several wide-spread problems including:

  • Unavailability of the PACE repository (which is in “/usr/local/pacerepov1”)
  • Crashing of newly started jobs that run applications in the PACE repository
  • New logins will hang

Running applications that have their executables cached in memory may continue to run without problems, but it’s very difficult to tell exactly how different applications will be impacted.

At this point, we have paused all schedulers for Rich-based resources.   With the exception of Hive and Testflight-Coda, no new jobs will be started until the situation is resolved.   Additionally, due to the slowness in accessing data and software repositories, jobs that were running may fail due to reaching wallclock limits or other errors. Updates will continue to be posted on the blog as they are available. We appreciate your patience as we work to resolve the underlying cause. Again, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact

This storage problem and scheduler pause does not impact Coda data center’s Hive and TestFlight-Coda cluster.

We are working to resolve these problems ASAP and will keep you updated on this post.

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