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April 3, 2020

Hive Cluster — Scheduler modifications/Policy Update

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Dear Hive Users,

Hive cluster has been in production for over half a year, and we are pleased with the continued growth of user community on Hive cluster along with the utilization of the cluster that has remained highly utilized.  As the cluster has begun to near 100% utilization more frequently, we have received additional feedback from users that compels us to make additional changes that are to ensure continued productivity for all users of Hive.  Recently, Hive PIs have approved the following changes listed below that will be deployed on April 10:

  1. Hive-gpu-short: We are creating a new gpu queue with a maximum walltime of 12 hours.  This queue will consist of 2 nodes that will be migrated from hive-gpu queue.  This will address the longer job wait times that select users experienced on hive-gpu queue, and this queue will promote users who have short/interactive/machine learning jobs to further develop and grow on this cluster.
  2. Adjust dynamic priority: We will adjust the dynamic priority to reflect the PI groups in addition to individual users.  This will provide an equal and fair opportunity for each of the research teams to access this cluster.
  3. Hive-interact: We will reduce hive-interact queue to 16 nodes from the current 32 nodes due to this queue’s utilization being low.

Who is impacted:  All Hive users will be impacted by the adjustment to the dynamic priority.

User Action:  For users who want to use the new hive-gpu-short queue, users will need to update their PBS scripts with the new queue and the walltime may not exceed 12 hours.

Our documentation will be updated on April 10 to reflect these changes to queues that you will be able to access from the If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

The Past Team

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