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PACE Maintenance – February 27-29

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We are preparing for PACE’s next maintenance days on February 27-29, 2020. This maintenance period is planned for three days starting on Thursday, February 27, and ending Saturday, February 29. However, Georgia Power will begin work to establish a Micro Grid power generation facility beginning on Thursday, and while work should complete within 48 hours, any delays may extend the maintenance outage for the Hive and Testflight-CODA clusters through Sunday instead; PACE clusters in Rich will not be impacted by any delays in Georgia Power’s work. Should any issues and resultant delays occur, users will be notified accordingly. As usual, jobs with long walltimes will be held by the scheduler to ensure that no active jobs will be running when systems are powered off. These jobs will be released as soon as the maintenance activities are complete. We are still finalizing planned activities for the maintenance period. Here is a current list:


  • None


  • RHEL7 clusters will receive critical patches.
  • Updates will be made to PACE databases and configurations.
  • [Hive, Testflight-CODA clusters] Power down all of the research hall for Georgia Power reconnections
  • [Hive cluster] Replace failed InfiniBand leaf on EDR switch
  • [Hive cluster] InfiniBand subnet managers will be reconfigured for better redundancy
  • [Hive and Testflight-CODA clusters] Lmod, the environment module system, will be updated to a newer version
  • [Hive cluster] Run OSU Benchmark test on idle resources
  • [GPFS and Lustre file systems] Apply latest maintenance releases and firmware updates


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