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January 7, 2020

[Re-Scheduled] Hive Cluster — Policy Update

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After the deployment of Hive cluster this Fall, we are pleased with the rapid growth of our user community on this cluster along with the utilization of the cluster that has been rapidly increasing. During this period, we have received user feedback that compels us to make changes that will further increase productivity for all users of Hive.  Hive PIs have approved the following changes listed below that were deployed on January 9:

  1. Hive-gpu: The maximum walltime for jobs on hive-gpu will be decreased to 3 days from the current 5 day max walltime, which is to address the longer job wait times that users have experienced on the hive-gpu queue
  2. Hive-gpu:  To ensure that GPUs do not sit idle, jobs will not be permitted to use a CPU:GPU ratio higher than 6:1 (i.e., 6 core per GPU). Each hive-gpu nodes are 24 CPUs and 4 GPUs.
  3. Hive-nvme-sas: create a new queue, hive-nvme-sas that combines and shares compute nodes between the hive-nvme and hive-sas queues.
  4. Hive-nvme-sas, hive-nvme, hive-sas: Increase the maximum walltime for jobs on the hive-nvme, hive-sas, hive-nvme-sas queues to 30 days from the current 5 day max walltime.
  5. Hive-interact: A new interactive queue, hive-interact, will be created. This queue provide access to 32 Hive compute nodes (192 GB RAM and 24 cores).  This queue is provided for  quick access to resources for testing and development. The walltime limit will be 1 hour.
  6. Hive-priority: a new hive-priority queue will be created. This queue is reserved for researchers with time-sensitive research deadlines.  For access to this queue, please communicate the appropriate dates/upcoming deadlines to the PACE team in order to get the necessary approvals for us to provide you access to high-priority queue.  Please note that we may not be able to provide access to priority queue for requests made less than 14 days in advance of the time when the resource is needed, which is due to the running jobs at the time of the request.

Who is impacted:

  • All Hive users who use hive-gpu, hive-nvme and hive-sas queues
  • The additional queues that are created will benefit, and by that, impact all Hive users.

User Action:

  • Users will need to update their PBS scripts to reflect the new walltime limits and CPU:GPU ratio requirement on hive-gpu queue
  • The mentioned changes will not impact the currently running jobs.


We would like to remind you of the upcoming Hive cluster outage due to the creation of a Micro Grid power generation facility. At 8 AM on Monday, January 20th (Georgia Tech holiday for MLK day), the Hive cluster will be shutdown for an anticipated 24 hours. A reservation has been put in place on all Hive nodes during this period, and any user jobs submitted that will overlap with this outage will be provided with a warning indicating this detail, and enqueued until after completion of work. A similar warning will be generated for jobs overlapping with the upcoming cluster maintenance on February 27.

The planned outage of the CODA data center has been re-scheduled, and so the Hive cluster will be available until the next PACE maintenance period on February 27. The reservation has been removed, so work should proceed on January 20 as usual.

Our documentation has been updated to reflect these changes and queue additions, and can be found at If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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