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[Reminder] Policy Update to Shared Clusters’ Scheduler

This entry was posted by on Friday, 18 October, 2019 at

This is a friendly reminder that our updated policy impacting Shared Clusters at PACE will take effect on October 29, 2019.

On October 29, 2019, we are reducing the limit of number of queued/running jobs per user to 500.

Who is impacted? All researchers connecting to PACE resources via login-s[X] headnode are impacted by this policy change (also, we have provided a list of impacted queues below).  We have identified all the researchers/users who are impacted by these changes, who were contacted on multiple occasions.   We have worked with a number of researchers from different PI groups during our consulting sessions in helping them adopt their workflows to the new max job per users limit.  PACE provides and supports  multiple solutions, such as, job arrays, GNU parallel and Launcher  that are in place to help users quickly adapt their workflows to this policy update.

  • List of queues impacted are as follows: apurimac-6,apurimacforce-6,b5-6,b5-prv-6,b5force-6,bench-gpu,benchmark,biobot,biobotforce-6,biocluster-6,biocluster-gpu,bioforce-6,biohimem-6,casper,cee,ceeforce,chem-bigdata,chemprot,chemx,chemxforce,chowforce-6,cns-24c,cns-48c,cns-6-intel,cnsforce-6,coc,coc-force,critcel,critcel-burnup,critcel-manalo,critcel-prv,critcel-tmp,critcelforce-6,cygnus,cygnus-6,cygnus-hp,cygnus-hp-lrg-6,cygnus-hp-small,cygnus-xl,cygnus24-6,cygnus28,cygnus64-6,cygnusforce-6,cygnuspa-6,davenprtforce-6,dimer-6,dimerforce-6,ece,eceforce-6,enveomics-6,faceoff,faceoffforce-6,flamel,flamelforce,force-6,force-gpu,force-single-6,gaanam,gaanam-h,gaanamforce,gemini,ggate-6,gpu-eval,gpu-recent,habanero,habanero-gpu,hummus,hydraforce,hygene-6,hygeneforce-6,isabella,isabella-prv,isblforce-6,iw-shared-6,jangmse,joe,joe-6,joe-bigshort,joe-fast,joe-test,joeforce,kastella,kastellaforce-6,kokihorg,lfgroup,math-6,math-magma,mathforce-6,mayorlab_force-6,mcg-net,mcg-net-gpu,mcg-net_old,mday-test,medprintfrc-6,megatron-elite,megatronforce-6,metis,micro-largedata,microcluster,nvidia-gpu,optimus,optimusforce-6,phi-shared,prometforce-6,prometheus,pvh,pvhforce,radiance,romberg,rombergforce,sagan,sonar-6,sonarforce-6,spartacus,spartacusfrc-6,spinons,spinonsforce,threshold,threshold-6,tmlhpc,try-6,trybuy

Prior to this policy change taking effect on October 29,  we have one more consulting session that’s scheduled on:

  • October 22, 1:00pm – 2:45pm, Molecular Sciences and Engineering Room 1201A

For details about our policy change , please visit our blog post.

Again, the changes listed above will take effect on October 29, 2019.  After October 29, users will not be able to submit more than 500 jobs.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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