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PACE clusters ready for research

This entry was posted by on Thursday, 23 July, 2015 at


Our quarterly maintenance is now complete. We have no known outstanding issues affecting general operations, but have a few straggling nodes that we will address over the next couple of days.

GPFS client

All compute, login and interactive nodes have been updated to version 3.5.0-25 of the GPFS client per recommendation of DDN. This update addresses the bugs identified in the -20 version that caused problems during our April maintenance. No user changes should be needed.

Software Repository

The “newrepo” software repository has been made the default. Please note that there are a significant number of changes in available versions of software relative to the old repository. Jobs that reference versions that are no longer available will have difficulty running. If you have been running by doing a ‘module load newrepo’ before our maintenance activities, you should not experience any difference.

Reset Infiniband fabric

We’ve reset our infiniband fabric and it appears to be in good health.

New home directory and /usr/local storage

The storage devices for this project finally arrived earlier today. This item will be deferred until a future maintenance period.

New “data mover” servers

We weren’t quite ready to complete this bonus objective, so we’ll try and find a period of inactivity to do so between now and our next maintenance period. Whenever this happens, no user changes will be needed.

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