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PACE quarterly maintenance – October ’14

This entry was posted by on Thursday, 25 September, 2014 at

Hi everybody,

Our October maintenance window is rapidly approaching.  We’ll be back to the normal two day even this time around – Tuesday, October 21 and Wednesday, October 22.

Major items this time around include the continued expansion of our DDN storage system.  This will complete the build out of the infrastructure portions of this storage system, allowing for the addition of another 600 disk drives as capacity is purchased by the faculty.

Also, we have identified a performance regression in the kernel deployed with RedHat 6.5.  With some assistance from one of our larger clusters, we have been testing an updated kernel that does not exhibit these performance problems, and will be rolling out the fix everywhere.  If you’ve noticed your codes taking longer to run since the maintenance in July, this is very likely the cause.

We will also be migrating components of our server infrastructure to RedHat 6.5.  This should not be a user visible event, but worth mentioning just in case.

Over the last few months, we’ve identified a few bad links in our network.  Fortunately, we have redundancy in place that allowed us to simply disable those links.  We will be taking corrective actions on these to bring those links back to full redundancy.

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