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August 28, 2012

[updated] new server for job scheduler

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As of about 3:00 this afternoon, we’re back up on the new server. Things look to performing much better. Please let us know if you have troubles. Also, positive reports on scheduler performance would be appreciated as well.


–Neil Bright


[update: 2:20pm, 8/30/12]

We’ve run in to a last minute issue with the scheduler migration.  Rather than rush things going into a long weekend, we will reschedule for next week, 2:30pm Tuesday afternoon.


We have made our preparations to move the job scheduler to new hardware, and plan to do so this Thursday (8/30) afternoon at 2:30pm.  We expect this to be a very low impact, low risk change.  All queued jobs should move to the new server and all executing jobs should continue to run without interruption.  What you may notice is some amount of time where you will be unable to submit new jobs and job queries will fail.  You’ll see the usual ‘timeout’ messages from commands like msub and showq.

As usual, please direct any concerns to

–Neil Bright

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