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maintenance day complete, ready for jobs

This entry was posted by on Wednesday, 18 July, 2012 at

We are done with maintenance day – however some automated nightly processes still need to run before jobs can flow again.  So, I’ve set an automated timer to release jobs at 4:30am today.  That’s a little over two hours from now.  The scheduler will accept new jobs now, but will not start executing until 4:30am.


With the exception of the following two items, all of the tasks listed at our previous blog post have been accomplished.

  • * firmware updates on the scratch servers were deferred per the strong recommendation of the vendor
  • * an experimental software component of the scratch system was not tested due to the lack of test plan from the vendor.


SSH host keys have changed on the following head nodes.  Please accept the new keys into your preferred SSH client.

  • atlas-6
  • atlas-post5
  • atlas-post6
  • atlas-post7
  • atlas-post8
  • atlas-post9
  • atlas-post10
  • apurimac
  • biocluster-6
  • cee
  • critcel
  • cygnus-6
  • complexity
  • cns
  • ece
  • granulous
  • optimus
  • math
  • prometheus
  • uranus-6

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