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November 11, 2014

Free Linux 101 Course

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We at PACE are offering a beginning course on Linux. The target audience are those who have little or no Linux experience and need to start use PACE cluster for their research.

Date: 11/14/2014
Time: 10:00 am to 12:00pm
Location: Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons 262

What is Linux?
Why use Linux?
Access to Linux
Common Commands on Linux
How to use man page
Linux Usage Tips
Module usage on PACE

Please register the course at the following link:

-Pace Team

November 3, 2014

Free Supercomputing in Plain English Workshop, Spring 2015

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Free Supercomputing in Plain English (SiPE)
Available live in person and live via videoconferencing

These workshops focus on fundamental issues of High Performance
Computing (HPC) as they relate to Computational and Data-enabled
Science & Engineering (CDS&E), including:

* overview of HPC;
* the storage hierarchy;
* instruction-level parallelism;
* high performance compilers;
* shared memory parallelism (e.g., OpenMP);
* distributed parallelism (e.g., MPI);
* HPC application types and parallel paradigms;
* multicore optimization;
* high throughput computing;
* accelerator computing (e.g., GPUs);
* scientific and I/O libraries;
* scientific visualization.

Tuesdays starting Jan 20 2015, 1:30pm Central Time
(3:30pm Atlantic, 2:30pm Eastern, 12:30pm Mountain, 11:30am Pacific)

Live in person: Stephenson Research & Technology Center boardroom,
University of Oklahoma Norman campus

Live via videoconferencing: details to be announced

Registration coming soon!

So far, the SiPE workshops have reached over 1500 people at
248 institutions, agencies, companies and organizations in
47 US states and territories and 10 other countries:

* 178 academic institutions;
* 29 government agencies;
* 26 private companies;
* 15 not-for-profit organizations.

SiPE is targeted at an audience of not only computer scientists
but especially scientists and engineers, including a mixture of
undergraduates, graduate students, faculty and staff.

The key philosophy of the SiPE workshops is that an HPC-based code
should be maintainable, extensible and, most especially, portable
across platforms, and should be sufficiently flexible that it can
adapt to, and adopt, emerging HPC paradigms.

1 semester of programming experience and/or coursework in any of
Fortan, C, C++ or Java, recently

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