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June 24, 2014

Overset Grid Symposium October 6-9

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A unique opportunity to meet in an intimate setting with the grid generation, solver, and post-processing tool developers prominent in the field! Past attendees include developers of FUN3D, OpenFoam, Overflow, Overgrid, Overture, SUGGAR++, and technical rep- resentatives from Pointwise, Intelligent Light, Celeritas, and more!

For more information, visit:


XSEDE14 comes to Atlanta (July 13-18)

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XSEDE 2014 is coming to town, and here’s their announcement (

Mark your calendars and join us in Atlanta for XSEDE14, July 13-18, 2014!

The annual XSEDE conference brings together the extended community of individuals interested in advancing research cyberinfrastructure and integrated digital services for the benefit of science and society. XSEDE14 will place a special emphasis on recruiting and engaging under-represented minorities, women, and students as well as encouraging participation by people from domains of study that do not traditionally use high-performance computing. Sessions will be structured to engage people who are new to computational science and engineering, as well as providing in-depth tutorials and high-quality peer-reviewed papers that will allow the most experienced researchers to gain new insights and knowledge.

Hotel and Registration deadlines extended!

The XSEDE14 Conference is shaping up to be an excellent conference! We are pleased to announce that the hotel has extended our room block rate until June 27. To align with the extended room block extension, the conference registration will remain at $500 for full conference participation through June 27. After June 27, the late registration fee of $600 will begin.

June 17, 2014

Update on widespread drive failures

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After some consultation with members of the GT IT community (thank you specifically, Didier Contis for raising the awareness of the issue), as well as our vendor, we have identified the cause of the high rate of disk failures plaguing storage units purchased a little bit more than a year ago.

An update to the firmwares running on the internal backplanes of the storage arrays was necessary, and performance and availability were greatly improved immediately after these were applied on the arrays. These firmwares are normally manufacturer maintained materials only, and aren’t readily available to the public like controller firmwares are, which led to some additional delays before repairs.

That said, we have retained the firmwares and the software used to apply them for any future use should other units have issues.

Physical host failure for VMs – potential job impact

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This morning (approximately between 3am and 8am) we suffered a failure in one of our physical hosts which makes up part of our VM farm. This failure caused several head nodes to go offline, as well as one of the PACE run license servers for software.

For ALL PACE run clusters, it would be wise to double check your job runs in case they may have lost their license server prior to kicking off this morning or if it was running during this time.

The following head nodes went offline, but have returned:

The following license server went offline, but has returned:

In the cases of the head nodes, no jobs should have been affected nor any data lost because of nodes being offline.

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