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September 5, 2012

FoRCE project server outage (pf2)

Filed under: tech support — Semir Sarajlic @ 9:30 pm

At about 4:30pm, one of the network interfaces for the server hosting the /nv/pf2 filesystem was knocked offline, causing the resources hosted by it to be unavailable. Normally, this shouldn’t have caused complete failure, but the loss of network exposed what was a configuration error in the fail-over components.

At 5:10, both the misconfiguration as well as the failed interface were brought back online, which should have brought all resources provided by this server online.

This affected some FoRCE users’ access to project storage. Please double check to see if jobs may have failed because of this outage. Data should not have been lost, as any transactions in progress should have been held up until connectivity was restored.

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