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April 20, 2012

reminder – electrical work in the data center

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Just a quick reminder that Facilities will be doing some electrical work in the data center, unrelated to PACE, tomorrow.  We’re not expecting any issues, but there is a remote possibility that this work could interrupt electrical power to various PACE servers, storage and network equipment.

April 11, 2012

Upcoming Quarterly Maintenance on 4/17

Filed under: tech support — Semir Sarajlic @ 8:52 pm

The first quarter of the year had passed already, and it’s time for the quarterly maintenance once again!

Our team will offline all the clusters for regular maintenance and improvements on 04/17, for the entire day. We have a scheduler reservation in place to hold jobs that would not complete until the maintenance day, so hopefully no jobs will need to be killed. The jobs with such long wallclock times will still be queued, but they will not be released until the maintenance is over.

Please direct your concerns/questions to PACE support at


FYI – upcoming datacenter electrical work

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In addition to our previously scheduled maintenance day activities next tuesday, the datacenter folks are scheduling another round of electrical work during the morning of Saturday 4/21.  Like the last time, this should not affect any PACE managed equipment, but just in case….

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