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August 27, 2010

HPC web page updates

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My apologies to any of you receiving multiple copies of this – as usual, this is also posted to our blog at Given the nature of the announcement I thought it prudent to broadcast via email as well. 😉

I’d like to announce the first step in a major redesign of the OIT HPC web pages. We have retired some old and out of date content on the current site and redirected it to OIT’s HPC service page which has some updated content, contact information, a link to the blog and where to get more help.

Over time, we’ll continue to evolve the site, so please use it as your primary entry point into OIT’s HPC service. We have plans to include more information regarding resources and utilization of current clusters, account applications, FoRCE cluster governance policies and other useful resources.


August 6, 2010

Inchworm federation issues

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As with most any new cluster of significant size, there are always some issues that crop up once the system starts experiencing some heavy load. Please know that we are committed towards isolating and resolving them as quickly as possible, and that I appreciate your continued patience with us as we get things resolved.

Last night, we implemented a potential fix to the server running the job scheduler that hopefully will resolve some of the “missing home directory” issues as well as problems either starting new jobs or the premature termination of running jobs. We are optimistic that this fix will provide a significant amount of relief to these problems.

We are still working an issue with the Infiniband fabric that causes significant decrease in performance to the scratch storage. We do not believe this causes problems with normal MPI traffic over the Infiniband.

If you continue to experience problems, please do let us know via the usual support methods.

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