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Archive for March, 2010

update on testing and next steps from Dr. Ron Hutchins

Posted by on Tuesday, 9 March, 2010

Folks, here’s a quick update on progress with the new cluster installation in the Rich Building and some future planning.

Everything is progressing well with the implementation and initial testing of the new Federated HPC Cluster.  FYI, here is a very brief update regarding the approach to testing.  Penguin is currently conducting cluster performance and open source application tests that must run error free for several 24-hour periods.  Once these tests are completed and validated, GT will make the 2nd of 3 payments on the cluster.  Prior to making the 3rd and final payment, tests must be run on the Panasas high performance scratch storage, and applications that require a license server (Fluent, MayaKranc, Quantum ESPRESSO).

After the cluster is “turned over” to GT and appropriately configured, we have time allotted for your teams to test codes they developed on the “Interim Test Flight Cluster” that Neil mentioned in his last general update.  Please encourage your research teams to take advantage of the Interim Test Flight Cluster during the next few weeks to prepare for in-house application tests. GT processes have already uncovered one significant performance issue related to one set of user code (running VASP) that Penguin is in the process of fixing.  This highlights the importance of being as thorough as possible in our testing.

It is very exciting to be in the final stages of implementing this significant federation of research computing resources. I’m interested in getting any feedback you or your research staff have for us.

Also, several faculty have expressed interest in another round of procurements. Let us know if you have future needs and we’ll do our best to work with you on them. Our machine room upgrades are scheduled to be completed sometime in May/June and we are in the beginning phases of looking into a future temporary container based strategy for campus if more space/power/cooling is needed.

A meeting of the faculty selected by the Deans to work on the governance structure for community assets is being scheduled now.  If you have any thoughts/questions about this process let me know.


HPC status update – 3/3/2010

Posted by on Wednesday, 3 March, 2010

Just a quick one today –

Our “early testing” equipment is now available.  I’ve sent emails to the students you have identified that will be running the acceptance tests with the details of how to access our “Interim Test Flight Cluster”.

Penguin has completed all of the physical installation of the new equipment and has begun the on-site testing.