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[Resolved] Dedicated Scheduler – Job Submissions Paused

This entry was posted by on Thursday, 11 July, 2019 at

[Update – July 11, 2019 – 2:45pm] Dedicated scheduler is back online and operational after correcting the node associations with queues that has resulted from a faulty configuration.  We have taken measures to correct our automated procedure to prevent such an incident in the future.  We have removed the pause on job submission.  You may now resume submitting your jobs.  Please check on your jobs that were submitted since 3:30pm yesterday (7/10/2019) as many of those jobs have terminated.  

Again, apologies for the inconvenience this has caused.

[Original Post – July 11, 2019 – 10:38pm] Today, at approximately 10:10am we paused job submissions to queues that are managed by the dedicated scheduler. Researcher teams will not be able to submit new jobs to the following queues: kennedy-lab,granulous,atlas-dufek,chow,athena-debug,cochlea,atlas-6,njord-6,atlantis,jabberwocky6,  megatron,acceptance,hadoop,aces,drive,complexity,corso,blue,monkeys-k33,athena-6,core,ase1-debug-6,microbio-1,radius,medprint-6,monkeys_gpu,pampa-6,monkeys,keeneland,athena-intel,atlas-intel,apurimac-bg-6,staml,ofed-test,semap-6,martini,skade,tmlhpc-6,atlas-debug,wohler,rozell,mps,prv-5-6,aryabhata-6,hadean-gpu,epictetus,neutrons-6,davenporter,atlas,athena-8core,uranus-6,hadean,ase1-6,atlas-simon,enterprise,pampa-debug-6,skadi

This action is taken to resolve the issue that we experienced since evening on July 10, in which jobs erroneously were terminated after not reaching their appropriate nodes. We are working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.   Also, by pausing the job submission we will prevent any new jobs from being terminated. While we work to resolve this issue, we ask that you refrain from trying to submit your jobs to the listed queues above. We will follow up with an update as we work through this issue.  Thank you for your attention to this, and we are sorry for this inconvenience.

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