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Temporary disruption for many home directories

This entry was posted by on Monday, 2 February, 2015 at

The server housing about half of the PACE affiliated home directories lost of of its root drives (ie: the operating system, not data drives) and that threw the system into a state where it was effectively only processing the intterrupts from that failure. We’ve rectified the situation so that the server can provide access to files again.


hbiobot1     biobot
hcee2          cee
hcfm1          isabella
hface1         faceoff
hggate1      ggate
hmeg1        megatron
hp10           biocluster
hp12           aryabhata
hp14           atlantis
hp16           force
hp18           optimus
hp20          ece
hp22          prometheus
hp24          math
hp26          cee
hp28          granulous
hp8            athena
hpampa1  pampa
html1        tmlhpc

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