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Check the status of queue(s) using “pace-check-queue”

This entry was posted by on Wednesday, 10 October, 2012 at

Dear PACE Users,

We have a new tool to announce. If you would like to check the status of any PACE queue, you can now run:

pace-check-queue <queuename>

substituting the queuename with  the name of the queue you would like to check. This tool has a column, which tells you whether a node is accepting jobs or not, including a human readable explanation. This tool provides, at one glance, the following information:

* Which nodes are included in the queue

* Which nodes accept jobs and which don’t (and if they don’t, why)

* How may cores and how much memory each node has, and what percent of them are being used

* Overall usage (CPU/Memory) levels for the entire queue.

(This information is refreshed every half an hour)

We had recently announced a new tool, pace-stat, to check the status of your queues. These tools complement each other, so feel free to use both. Please report any down/problem nodes that you see in the list to

Hope these new tools will provide you with a better HPC environment. Happy computing!

PS: These tools are continuously being developed, therefore your feedback and suggestions for improvements are always welcome!

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