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Fileserver issues this morning (8/26)

This entry was posted by on Friday, 26 August, 2011 at

This morning at just short of 1am one of the primary fileservers that hosts home directories suffered a hard drive failure that locked the machine into an unresponsive state.

The machine was rebooted just after 9am and appears to be fine. We’re running diagnostics and watching its behavior closely to see if this was a one-off event or whether we have a more serious issue.

No compute jobs were lost. Data should not have been lost as this had no effect on project spaces, and, if data were were being written to the affected areas, they should have been queued until the server’s return.

Affected home directories:

  • hp9 Uranus
  • hp11 Cygnus
  • hp13 Joe
  • hp17 Critcel
  • hp19 Apurimac

Thanks for your patience. If there are further issues, we will let you know.

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