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FoRCE headnode emergency restart

This entry was posted by on Monday, 1 August, 2011 at

As most of you had noticed over the past week, the FoRCE headnode has had difficulty keeping up with the high utilization demand, and often times was unresponsive. We have reconfigured this node to increase its memory and CPU power to address this issue. The configuration and reboot required a short offline period, but none of the submitted jobs on the compute nodes were affected.

We would like once again remind our users that FoRCE headnode, or other headnodes in that matter, are not intended for running computations. Head nodes are best for editing, compilations, submitting jobs, but not for actual computations. Please limit your use of GUI sessions, such as browsers, Comsol, Matlab, etc., which put a lot of pressure on shared system resources. We will continue to work to improve the responsiveness and function of the FoRCE headnode.

Thanks for your understanding!

-PACE support

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