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upcoming changes to Fluent 6.3.x / Gambit 2.4.x support

This entry was posted by on Thursday, 23 December, 2010 at

We recently received notice of a very important upcoming change to the Fluent & Gambit licensing as provided by the College of Engineering.  This will have profound effects on users of this software.

Please see the attached document from CoE support for details, but in summary:

  • Fluent 6.3.x will stop working on February 26.
  • Gambit 2.4.x will continue to function until at least February 2012.
  • Fluent users must transition to Ansys CFD.

But, there is a devil in the details.  The Ansys CFD licenses are for teaching purposes and have a limit of 512K elements.  If you need to solve some problems with a higher number of elements, an Academic Research license will have to be purchased by your group.

PACE support has installed Ansys v13 in /usr/local/packages/ansys-13.0, please begin migrating your Fluent jobs to this version.  Please let us know if you have issues, particularly the element limitations, and we can help coordinate with CoE support.

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