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Interest in a campus license for Gaussian?

This entry was posted by on Tuesday, 21 December, 2010 at

I’ve had a couple of inquiries recently regarding purchases of the Gaussian electronic structure modeling software package.  [1]  There has been some question regarding the ability of GT researchers to use this software, but some initial inquiries indicate that we would be able to procure licenses for the binary distribution.

According to their published academic pricing [2], a purchase of $8,000 would entitle GT to run Gaussian on an unlimited number of computers.

This would include:

  • Gaussian 09 for Linux (executing on multicore computers)
  • TCP Linda for Linux (enabling gaussian computations across computers)
  • GaussView 5 for Linux and Windows

If you are interested in this software, please let me know ( and I’ll be happy to request further details from the vendor and coordinate a purchase.  $8k is not a very high bar to reach, especially if we can spread the cost across a couple of research groups.


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